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Kaadoo Big Game - African Savannah

Kaadoo Big Game - African Savannah

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We love safaris and we would love to take you on one! Are you ready? Gather your friends and family, hop on your colorful safari vehicle, and brace yourself for the most thrilling adventure!

Welcome to the African Savannah, a beautiful home to many exotic animals, birds, and reptiles! You must have heard about the Big 5 that reside here but did you know about that Red-headed lizard, a fowl with a helmet on, and a bird that struts around like an office secretary?

Come, discover the savannah grasslands of Maasai Mara and Serengeti with us.

  • Helps in: Learning about wildlife and their habitat, and enhancing competitive skills, collaboration, mental math skills, and memory. 
  • Ideal for: Gifting, parties, playtime, education, and digital detox.
  • Child safe: Designed with safe colors, soft edges, and convenient pizza box packing.

Made with eco-friendly vegetable dye paints, hand made wooden pawns and dice, and hand printed cloth bags. This game is fun and saves the environment at the same time!


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