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ZooDoo is an immersive-learning board game with a puzzle-ing twist that turns you into a witty and responsible Animal Caregiver or ZooDoo!

You join Kaadoo Paapa's mission to safely guide Biggies, Herbies, Birdies, and Cuties back into their enclosures after a bad storm. It's not as easy as it sounds, because all animals and birds don't get along!

Helps in: Improving visual recognition, mental math, imagination, problem-solving, quick decision making, and social skills. Encourages children to make creative and innovative strategies to win. Game's mission for adoption and caretaking also aids compassion in young kids and families.

Ideal for: Family playtime, gifting, education, sleepovers, digital detox, and game nights. Easy to learn and exciting to play for children, families, grandparents, and everyone in between!

Made with eco-friendly vegetable dye paints, hand made wooden pawns and dice, and hand printed cloth bags. This game is fun and saves the environment at the same time!


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